Unico Celebrates the First World Humidity Control Day

World Humidity Day 2024

12th March 2024 marks the first World Humidity Control Day launched by FETA, the UK trade body which represents the diverse interests of manufacturers, suppliers, installers and contractors within the building services sector. The day will help to raise awareness of the importance of humidity control and the impact it has on our daily lives, whether we are in our homes or places of work.

The History Behind the Day

World Humidity Control Day celebrates the pioneering work of John Frederick Daniell, an English chemist and physicist born on March 12, 1790. In 1820, Daniell introduced the dew-point hygrometer, a groundbreaking device for measuring atmospheric humidity. This invention revolutionised the understanding and management of humidity, subsequently becoming a standard tool worldwide.

The Importance of Humidity Control

Humidity control is crucial for various reasons. Maintaining optimal humidity levels not only enhances our comfort and well-being but also safeguards our health and protects our belongings. When humidity is controlled, it helps to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment that is free from dust, pollen, pathogens, odours, and harmful gases that can exasperate allergies and general well-being.

Thermal comfort is not just temperature. People give off moisture through breathing and perspiration, even if just sitting on a sofa. Showering, cooking and plant life all add moisture inside the building. Thermal comfort is affected by evaporation of this moisture and evaporation depends on the relative humidity in the room. Good comfort, where most people are satisfied, is within a narrow range of relative humidity. It should be between 45 and 55 percent. Less satisfactory but acceptable is at most 60% and below 40% starts to become dry and static-filled air.

Humidity control relies on the inherent dehumidification of the HVAC system that matches the moisture load of the house. If the system does not perform properly, it can potentially lead to indoor air quality problems in the home.

How The Unico System can help with Humidity Control

The Unico System is an innovative HVAC technology that offers an efficient solution for humidity control. It not only provides reliable cooling and heating but also ensures precise humidity control. The Unico System’s advanced design and small air ducts allow it to fit seamlessly into any space, eliminating the need for bulky and unsightly equipment.

The Unico System can remove 30% more humidity than conventional HVAC systems. It delivers conditioned air at a low velocity, this unique approach helps to evenly distribute moisture and control humidity levels effectively. The whisper-quiet operation of Unico ensures a peaceful environment while efficiently maintaining the ideal humidity level, ensuring everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

Unico has recently joined FETA’s Fan Coil Group, this move perfectly reflects the company’s dedication to enhancing indoor air quality. Unico recognises that clean and healthy indoor air is essential for the well-being of individuals, their property and their possessions.

For more information about FETA and the Humidity Control Group visit their website.