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Residential HVAC system now available in UK.

The Unico System is an energy-efficient HVAC system that warms in winter and cools in summer, plus all-year-round it removes pollutants and irritants to leave your customer with clean, healthy, filtered air in their home. It creates living spaces that are perfectly climate-controlled to combat our changing and challenging UK weather conditions.

Why choose Unico?

In today’s rapidly changing climate, ensuring optimal indoor temperatures is paramount. With Unico, you can guarantee your clients:

  • Perfect home climate control – Unico automatically and seamlessly switches between heating and cooling, doing whatever it needs to maintain the desired home climate addressing the issue of overheating.
  • Always beautifully fresh, filtered air – Unico filters the air to remove pollen, pet hair, pollution, odours, germs, mould, viruses and bacteria from within the home.
  • A home free of humidity – Unico removes around 30% more humidity (moisture) than traditional heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems, because of its cleverly designed cooling coil.
  • Discreet & stylish outlets – Unico offers uncompromised interior design potential, with no unsightly radiators or pipework to work around.
  • An energy efficient system – Typically powered by a heat pump Unico provides superior energy efficient performance with 97% of the systems energy being delivered to the conditioned living space.
  • A versatile Heating & Cooling system to fit any home – Unico is a small duct, high velocity system (SDHV) central air distribution system made of very slim, flexible ducts that fit within the fabric of the building.

Supporting Architects

At Unico, we understand the importance of technical expertise and support throughout the design and implementation process. That’s why we offer architects:

  • Full Design Service – Our design team understands the critical role that efficient ductwork plays in maintaining optimal indoor comfort and air quality. Our comprehensive HVAC design expertise ensures that every aspect of the SDHV system is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.
  • CPD Overview – To complete our CPD product overview click here.
  • Architects Clinics – Attend one of our upcoming Architects clinics to view the Unico working and a presentation on the system and its benefits. Book here.

Ready to introduce Unico to your clients?

Unico are here to support you in bringing the benefits of Unico to your clients.