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    With Unico you can now offer your customers heating, cooling and ventilation from one system

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    Become a Unico Service Partner for extended warranties

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    Enhance your renewable energy offering with Unico


…A modular system that is quick, clean and easy to install

Unico is a simple solution offering instant heating, cooling and ventilation along with improved air quality and well-being.

Pollen, Bacteria, Viruses
Pet Hair, Environmental Pollutants, Dust

The Unico System is a central air distribution system made up of small ducts that mix and deliver conditioned air into the living space.

As well as heating and cooling this system can also offer a total Indoor Air Quality Solution featuring UV light and Air Filtration. The system has the ability to reduce airborne odours, germs, mould and bacteria from within a home.

The modular design allows for easy installation for both new build and retrofit projects. It can be designed to fit within the fabrication of the building making it the perfect option for any new build. It is also an ideal solution for top floor installations where loft space is available.

A modular system that is quick, clean and easy to install.  Available in horizontal or vertical configurations, our 5 models will cater for all types and size of property, in the residential new build, retrofit and light commercial sector.

Uncompromising Comfort

One simple solution offering instant heating, cooling & ventilation along with improved air quality and well being.

Discreet Climate Control

Our discreet and stylish outlets allow home owners to get maximum use of their available internal walls, be more creative and making the most of their interior living space. The Unico System can be designed to be a whole home or business solution, or it can be zoned.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Superior energy efficiency performance with 97% of the system energy delivered to the conditioned living space.

Drier, more comfortable air

Removes 30% more humidity than traditional HVAC systems for improved air quality and optimum comfort levels.

Draft free even room temperatures

Our gentle ‘Aspiration’ principle and technology creates a draft-free environment with less than a 2 degree differential between wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

Quick, clean and easy installation

Simple lightweight modular design


The air is delivered quietly and seamlessly with decibel levels down to a whisper (<30 decibels).

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The UNICO System can greatly enhance IAQ by integrating & combining ventilation, fresh air, air filters and UV technology.  The balance of the UNICO System has many IAQ benefits including the ability to reduce airborne odours, toxic chemical vapours, germs, mould and bacteria.

Piece of mind

All Unico products come with a 2 year warranty as standard. As a Unico Specialist Partner you would be able to offer warranties of up to 10 years. We are also working in partnership with Daikin, Nest and Isover to provide a reliable complete system.

Environmentally Friendly

The Unico fits into a tighter space and seamlessly integrates with energy efficient construction. We bring the highest level of insulation, air filtration and use the most efficient EC motors and inverters on the market to provide a system with low leakage standards; low thermal loss to optimise energy efficiency.