Advanced Technology

The company manufactures 99% of its products in St. Louis MO and our advanced modular air handling units are at the heart of every system. UNICO are the only high velocity manufacturer to utilize a true variable speed EC motor combined with our S.M.A.R.T (Software Managed Air Rate Technology) control board that allows for exact airflow and temperature control. Quick and easy to install, our five basic models cater for all types of UK properties and has the ability to pair with numerous outside condensers, air source heat pumps and traditional UK boilers.

The all-important UNICO flexible supply tubing and discrete outlets means you can install a premium air conditioning system into most of any UK residential property but it is important to give careful consideration to the location on the AHU and the main central duct as early as possible in the design and decision-making process.

Your UNICO System is made up from the following components

First, you need to establish your required Kw loading for your heating and cooling demand. Then you need to consider where your UNICO System will be located. In the roof space or utility room for example.