The Unico System UK Revolutionises HVAC Solutions with Vaillant Heat Pumps Integration

Indoor Air Quality family

Indoor Air Quality family

The Unico System, a Midlands-based industry leader in advanced 3-in-1 heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions, is delighted to announce Vaillant Heat Pumps as part of their solution, a renowned name in the heating industry. By integrating a Vaillant Heat Pump with the Unico System’s cutting-edge HVAC technology the aim is to deliver unparalleled efficiency and sustainability  

Vaillant, a trusted pioneer in heating and renewable energy solutions, brings its expertise in heat pump technology to enhance The Unico System’s commitment to providing energy-efficient HVAC solutions. The Vaillant Heat Pumps integrated into The Unico System UK’s solutions boast exceptional efficiency levels, providing users with cost-effective and energy-saving HVAC solutions.  

 “We are thrilled to be able to offer Vaillant to further enhance our offering with the amalgamation of robust products that deliver on performance and capability to the market. The integration of Vaillant Heat Pumps with The Unico System’s technology represents a significant leap forward in our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge, sustainable, and space-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation solutions,” said Cliff Arnold, Technical Manager at The Unico System. 

 This offering marks a pivotal stride towards revolutionising the way we heat, cool and ventilate our homes through sustainable heating and cooling systems, offering consumers an alternative alongside existing partner, Daikin, for both residential and commercial applications. 

 Transitioning from radiant heat to a centralised air distribution system not only elevates indoor air quality but transforms the home environment. Working with well-chosen partners, Unico meets all industry standards of delivering energy efficiency in the home. 

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