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The savvy reason many households are ditching radiators – and getting ‘better’ heating

With the smart new Unico System being offered from the US, which not only heats homes but will also cool and ventilate throughout your home. All of this is done through discreet outlets located in the ceiling that resembles LED spotlights. Ultimately leading to the end of an era for radiators taking up unnecessary space throughout homes and opening up more freedom to home owners.

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Indoor Air Quality

Supporting the launch of Unico Systems’ small duct heating, cooling and ventilation into the UK, former Worcester Bosch CEO Richard Soper CBE, is predicting a renewed interest in indoor air quality amongst homeowners, residents and developers.

Following some scorching hot weather, Richard said: “We’re all spending much more time at home due to Covid-19 and people are considering how to improve conditions in the home. With the UK set to get even hotter over the coming years, demand for the type of climate control and filtration currently only found in cars is only going to increase.”

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UNICO - Richard Soper

Richard Soper predicts resurged IAQ interest in response to Covid-19

The former CEO of Worcester Bosch, Richard Soper CBE, is predicting a renewed interest in indoor air quality amongst homeowners, residents and developers.

According to Richard, who is supporting the launch of Unico Systems’ small duct heating, cooling and ventilation into the UK, now is the time for merchants and their trade customers to explore new technologies and to be a lot more vocal about indoor air quality to those outside of the industry.

He said: “We’re all spending much more time at home due to Covid-19 and having had some incredibly hot days in Spring people are already looking towards yet another record Summer and considering how to improve conditions in the home. Both air conditioning and filtration are common in cars, but with the ban on non-essential travel in effect even this has been out of bounds for most of us.

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Widely used in the United States, small duct heating, ventilation and cooling is now available in the UK thanks to a partnership between US manufacturer Unico Systems and UK distributor and training provider Bell Plumbing Supplies. Richard Soper from Unico Systems highlights the key benefits.

Air conditioning and ventilation has always been seen as a ‘nice to have’ in the UK, thanks to our temperate climate, but with a series of record summers and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns many people now view climate control as an essential requirement. Air conditioning is more widespread in our cars and public spaces, so people are now seeking that same level of comfort in their homes.

How it works

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Used extensively in the US, small duct, heating, ventilation and cooling is now more widely available than ever before thanks to a partnership between the leading US manufacturer, Unico Systems, and UK distributor and training provider Bell Plumbing Supplies. Here Richard Soper CBE, from Unico Systems, reveals all about how the technology is set to transform the way we heat and, importantly, cool our homes.

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UNICO Overview brochure available for download

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UNICO overview Brochure Download

Our new UNICO overview brochure is now available for download. This is a brief introduction in to the UNICO System and how it is set to transform the way we HEAT and COOL our homes whilst helping to improve air quality and the environment.

UK home owners can now enjoy all year-round superior climate-control and comfort delivered by the discrete UNICO small bore system.

This brochure introduces the system and how it works and how to select the best system according to your life style and budget.

To download the brochure, clicking here or go to our Technical Information section and select Datasheets to view this brochure and other PDFs available for you to download.

New UK UNICO Website Goes Live

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The new UK UNICO System website is now live

UNICO have now launched the new UK website in partnership Bell Plumbing Supplies. The new site is a comprehensive overview of the Unico technology and a complete resource for installers and partners.

News Unico website datasheet

The site covers completed installations showing the benefits together with components, technical information, data sheets and training.

Unico products are designed for both commercial and residential applications in both the new build, self-build and retrofit markets.

All UNICO products provide superior heating and cooling for all year-round climate control. The UNICO System provides a complete stand-alone solution but due to its modular design and construction it can also compliment alternative products such as underfloor heating.

Unico Training Workshop proves to be a success

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Unico System Workshop
Unico System Workshop

The initial Unico training workshop at Elements Training proved to be a great success.

Congratulations to all those who attending the first Unico System training workshop held at the ETA facility in Stourbridge.

Elements Training & Assessment provide all the necessary training courses for Plumbing and Heating Engineers with their first class facilities. Customers range from small local firms right through to large energy companies employing engineers across the UK.

Highly trained BPEC certified staff offer constantly updated training, keeping engineers one step ahead in this ever-evolving industry.

ETA work with a number of leading manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann Commercial, Honeywell and Ariston and can provide all the training required to fit the Unico System.

Introducing the Unico Twist Fit System

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Introducing the unico twist fit system – now available for 2″ flexible supply tubing it’s here… the unico twist fit system™ is now *available for 2″ (51mm) flexible supply tubing.

The new supply duct connection system reduces the steps and time involved in the installation process.


Consisting of lock-and-release tabs making it easier and faster to assemble, Twist-Fit couplings are attached to lengths of sound attenuator or standard supply tubing by threading the base of the coupling into the inner core of the tubing. The internal insulation and outer mylar jacket of the supply tubing are then tucked into the rim of the Twist-Fit and the connection is secured with UL-181B foil tape.

Matching Twist-Fit couplings are attached to the desired plenum take-offs, outlet registers, or additional lengths of supply tubing. To make a connection, simply line up the tabs to their corresponding slots and twist clockwise until a click is heard. At least one Twist-Fit connector must have a gasket to prevent leakage.


  • Lock-and-release tabs for easy assembly
  • Couplings attached to tubing at the factory
  • Change outlet faceplates in a snap
  • Compatible with high velocity products
  • Simplified parts list for ordering ease

Bell Plumbing Supplies Signs Exclusive UK Distribution Deal

Bell Plumbing Supplies Signs Exclusive UK Distribution Deal

Bell Plumbing Supplies has been chosen as the exclusive UK distributor and training provider for US-based Unico Systems.

The Missouri manufacturer of small duct heating, cooling and ventilation systems is looking to fulfil increasing demand for domestic air conditioning across Britain.

The Unico System, which is installed in half a million homes and small businesses throughout the US, provides the option of both heating and cooling when matched with a suitable air source heat pump. The system is also compatible with existing boiler and underfloor heating systems.

Brian Intagliata, director of customer service at Unico Systems, said: “This is an exciting new step for Unico systems here in the UK. While we’ve supported some high specification houses, including some of those featured on Grand Designs, this new launch will be the first time we have entered the market at scale. A changing climate means that the UK is now experiencing temperatures more commonly associated with US cities like New York, Washington and my hometown of St Louis. There’s a demand for year-round climate control and we have the experience and systems in place to provide just that.”

The US company partnered with Richard Soper CBE to help select its UK distributor and training provider.

Brian continued: “We have more than 33 years’ experience in the US, but it was important to us that our UK partners had a deep knowledge and understanding of heating and ventilation in the UK. Both Richard and Bell Plumbing Supplies have provided invaluable support and we’re looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership together.”

Richard Soper CBE commented: “Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic I’ve become increasingly aware of the need for more-effective domestic ventilation here in the UK. Climate control and comfort is widespread in our public spaces and cars, but when it comes to our homes the majority of us have no way of effectively maintaining a comfortable temperature in summer. Our aim is to provide home comfort and climate control throughout the year.

“The Unico System offers that much needed cooling, but is also highly compatible with existing heating systems, making it a strong option for both the new-build and refurb sectors.”

Calvin Pope, commercial director at Bell Plumbing Supplies, said: “The Unico System provides a compelling offer for installers, contractors, self-builders and the refurbishment market across the UK. Through our purpose-built training facility, we will be able to provide hands on support and demonstrate how the Unico System can be used in conjunction with existing heating systems, whether underfloor heating, boilers or air source heat pumps to provide constant and consistent all year temperatures.”