Bell Plumbing Supplies Signs Exclusive UK Distribution Deal

Bell Plumbing Supplies Signs Exclusive UK Distribution Deal
Bell Plumbing Supplies Signs Exclusive UK Distribution Deal

Bell Plumbing Supplies has been chosen as the exclusive UK distributor and training provider for US-based Unico Systems.

The Missouri manufacturer of small duct heating, cooling and ventilation systems is looking to fulfil increasing demand for domestic air conditioning across Britain.

The Unico System, which is installed in half a million homes and small businesses throughout the US, provides the option of both heating and cooling when matched with a suitable air source heat pump. The system is also compatible with existing boiler and underfloor heating systems.

Brian Intagliata, director of customer service at Unico Systems, said: “This is an exciting new step for Unico systems here in the UK. While we’ve supported some high specification houses, including some of those featured on Grand Designs, this new launch will be the first time we have entered the market at scale. A changing climate means that the UK is now experiencing temperatures more commonly associated with US cities like New York, Washington and my hometown of St Louis. There’s a demand for year-round climate control and we have the experience and systems in place to provide just that.”

The US company partnered with Richard Soper CBE to help select its UK distributor and training provider.

Brian continued: “We have more than 33 years’ experience in the US, but it was important to us that our UK partners had a deep knowledge and understanding of heating and ventilation in the UK. Both Richard and Bell Plumbing Supplies have provided invaluable support and we’re looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership together.”

Richard Soper CBE commented: “Having lived on both sides of the Atlantic I’ve become increasingly aware of the need for more-effective domestic ventilation here in the UK. Climate control and comfort is widespread in our public spaces and cars, but when it comes to our homes the majority of us have no way of effectively maintaining a comfortable temperature in summer. Our aim is to provide home comfort and climate control throughout the year.

“The Unico System offers that much needed cooling, but is also highly compatible with existing heating systems, making it a strong option for both the new-build and refurb sectors.”

Calvin Pope, commercial director at Bell Plumbing Supplies, said: “The Unico System provides a compelling offer for installers, contractors, self-builders and the refurbishment market across the UK. Through our purpose-built training facility, we will be able to provide hands on support and demonstrate how the Unico System can be used in conjunction with existing heating systems, whether underfloor heating, boilers or air source heat pumps to provide constant and consistent all year temperatures.”