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How will your family keep cool and sleep easy this summer? The highest temperature recorded in 2022 was 40.2°C!

We take climate control in our cars for granted. We wouldn’t be without it and yet when it comes to our homes, air conditioning is mainly ignored.

But times are clearly changing. We all know about global warming and we need to be prepared for more uncomfortable days and nights. Then there’s the question of indoor air quality (IAQ) and keeping healthy through the eradication of viruses and other contaminants in our living space.

Imagine one system to take care of the cooling and ventilation within your home. A system that is fast and easy to instal, The Unico System.

The Unico system delivers even, draft free, whisper quiet, comfort in the bedroom and beyond.

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According to the Sleep Foundation the ideal temperature for Adults to sleep is 18.3°C. Too hot and we become restless, too cold and it’s harder to drop off. Maintaining the right temperature is not always easy and lack of sleep can adversely affect physical and mental health.

The Unico System delivers even, draft free comfort in the bedroom and beyond. So if you’re looking to add some real SLEEP EASY control to your home this summer, Unico is the answer.

SLEEP EASY is brought to you by MAAC, your local Unico System Specialist Partner. With unrivalled expertise in heating, cooling and ventilation systems for the home, MAAC will give you all the advice and service that you need. You’ll get a fully costed quotation to suit your home’s needs, an installation schedule to minimise disruption, the technical know-how required, a complete 24/7 after sales service with extended product warranties – all right on your door step.

Take the next SLEEP EASY steps not just for this summer but for the seasons to come too.

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