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Unico University

If you are interested in Unico training, we have a couple of different options for you. Below is a link to an online classroom that once registered, has several of our training classes for you to view. We also have several facilities with our local manufacturer's representatives, and Pete Williams does trainings at many different locations and venues across the country as well.

Online Course

Unico has developed an online tool to train those interested in basic training. Through an online course available by clicking the logo below, users will view a prerecorded presentations followed by short quizzes. 

Training Locations

We also have several training locations around the country which are done by our local representatives. For more information on these please contact your local representative, or contact us at 800-527-0896.

Pints with Pete

We have also introduced a new, monthly webinar series that we're calling "Pints with Pete." Geared for contractors, distributors, or other industry professionals, the hour long session begins with a topic of technical importance for Unico, or even something more general in the HVAC world.

Following the discussion, the session opens up for a Q&A with Pete about anything that comes up relating to HVAC, or otherwise. Below is the video recording of the last session - The Heat is On!

Watch for updates on how to register for the next Pints With Pete.


Meet Pete Williams

Pete's Biography

Pete has been with Unico for 22 years, and has helped grow the business into what it is today. With a formal education in sales management, Pete also earned certification in Refrigeration and HVAC.

Pete’s background provides him with a deep knowledge of customer service and the technical side of the HVAC industry – making him an ideal trainer for the industry.

Unico is proud to have Pete leading their nationwide training efforts.

Pints With Pete Upcoming Tentative Schedule

November 21st: Spot Cooling with Unico

December 12: Year in review, biggest topics of 2014